Following an uncertain time for the crypto markets, the issue of volatility has once again been brought to the fore of mainstream media. With Bitcoin plunging to 14-week lows, and a mass sell-off of major cryptocurrencies, investors new and old have been forced to confront the reality of Bitcoin’s extreme volatility.

  • A simple overview of the protocol.
  • The user-friendly interface that Bumper’s DApp will utilise.
  • Information about LP Programme
  • Difference between an NFT and an ERC-20

Pat from AMA room hosted an AMA on Thursday July 1 with guests Gareth Ward (COO) and Jason Suttie (CMO). Some of the topics mentioned during the AMA included:

  • Advantages of early LPs on Bumper’s platform
  • Crypto Invulnerability and Bumper’s ETH protocol
  • Bump token’s and how it works?

  • How aligning stakeholder aims will continually increase the value of BUMP.
  • The main seed investors of the company.
  • How BUMP can overcome token burning.
  • The incentives for both users and investors of the protocol.


Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol.

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